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Repeat Button: “Now Or Never” by Tritonal & Phoebe Ryan

Continuing on their rebranding campaign, Tritonal employs the haunting vocals of Phoebe Ryan for this week’s Repeat Button, ‘Now or Never’. Follow me on this musical journey, friends.

As Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed progress their progressive Metamorphic EPs, Tritonal’s new sounds inherits a bit of their emotional trance roots with heavier, infiltrating drops (presumably for Chad’s stunting on stage). Stir that with three cups Ms. Ryan’s glowing voice, and ‘Now Or Never’ is prime to be a 2014 festival anthem.

Tritonal‘s latest doesn’t just tell you to dream. It tells you to do. Make those wishes more than just desires. If you don’t pursue the moment, you may never have the opportunity again…pretty straightforward, huh?

You know that girl at work that you’ve been crushing on for a year now? Pretend she’s Phoebe, begging you for at least one night. Take the dive. I bet it’d be alright with her.

The motivation to start living hits music libraries October 28. If Tritonal had a breakout song to define their current direction, this would be it.

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