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Le Youth Drops Diverse Remix Package of His Original Track “Boomerang” with Even More Groove

If you can’t get enough of the original, “Boomerang”, by Los Angeles based Le Youth then today is your lucky day because we’ve got a whole pack of remixes for you.  The original track is Le Youth’s debut release on his newly found imprint/label “Locals Only”. “Boomerang” is available for free download via Le Youth’s Soundcloud and can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.  This funky house original, featuring catchy lyrics performed by Tay Beckham, will get your feet moving, despite the ever approaching summer heat, and so will these remixes.

July Child Remix

First in the lineup we have a remix from the London based duo, July Child.   The duo brings a future funk approach that completely showcases their U.K. roots.  The track starts with an ambient fade into Tay Beckhams lyrics which effortlessly builds into the beautiful piano leads and percussion that construct the drop.

Lliam + Latroit Remix

Lliam Taylor teams up with LA-born and Detroit of Latroit to bring you their deep house adaptation of “Boomerang”.  The remix begins with a short vocal loop, which is shortly accompanied by layers of percussion that quickly sets the tone for the entire track.  Perfect for any festival or pool party, this remix brings happy vibes and banging percussion ready to turn the crowd into a dance party.

That’s Nice Remix

The next producer, That’s Nice, shows his funky disco-styled skills with his remix of the track.  This mix is tied together with upbeat synthesizer leads and poppy percussion. With an intro reminiscent of a 1980’s pop song, this remix sets itself out as one of the most diverse of the bunch.

Cid & Fancy Remix

Cid & Fancy bring a fresh techno approach, making their remix another stand out amongst the pack.  The first 38 seconds of the track paint a mental image of Tay Beckham performing in a scene from the film TRON, followed by an unexpected upbeat rhythm that brings the track together seamlessly.

Max Power Remix

And last but not least we,  have a remix from Max Power.  Power’s clever choice of instruments for production give the mix a poppy tropical house feel to nicely compliment the lyrics.  This is the first track posted on Max’s Soundcloud, but if this is anything to show of his future endeavors, things are looking good.

Le Youth has proven to be a master of his craft from his debut single “C O O L” to his first release on his own label, and will continue to do so.  Make sure not to miss Le Youth at Mad Decent Block Party Phoenix Day 2 on September, 17th 2016.

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