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jackLNDN Released a New Indie Electronic EP – ‘Cheers/To You’

jackLNDN probably has one of the most self-explanatory name in the EDM industry: his name is Jack and he is a producer based out of London. The genres he usually produces are Deep House, Tropical House, and Future Bass. While his style is somewhat similar to the likes of Hotel Garuda or Louis the Child, his talent stands out through the emotional groovy vibe he creates in his tracks. jackLNDN recently widened his genre pool with a new Indie Electronic EP called Cheers To You. Check it out!

This incredible two tracks EP is unlike anything Jack has ever done. The beats and tempo of the tracks resembled RnB through the way he extended the synth and bassline combining with a slow beat of the kick drum pattern. He used a lot of crisp tropical percussion to create a summer atmosphere to the tracks. Although the genre of this EP is different than his usual, the style of jackLNDN is still running strong throughout both the tracks. The emotional groovy vibe is the main attraction in this EP and it gives the audience a sense of a live show instead of a track being played on a turn-table. He created this EP using a lot of organic sounds and percussion from his live instruments because he is evolving extremely quickly from a DJ to a live performer.

jackLNDN will be bringing his instruments to this year’s Global Dance Festival on November 19 at Rawhide. To add to my excitement, and yours, to see his live performance for the first time, I leave you to this teaser of what is to come.

jackLNDN Live Teaser

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