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DJ To Watch: Arius

Matt Nguyen and Tessa Lizz might just be the cutest couple in life and in business, as they make up the dj duo Arius. Matt and Tessa met five and a half years ago and their relationship has developed into something extraordinary. The two have been performing together for the past three years specializing in finger drumming in Asia and the US.

Matt Nguyen (more commonly known as Dumbo) began performing live with ‘Poreotics’ dance group– champions of the 5th season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Before Lizz got involved in performing, she was a cocktail waitress at Marquee and Daylight in Las Vegas, serving the big time DJ’s. Little did they know that very soon, she would be taking the stage as well. Finger drumming came naturally to Lizz, and her crazy finger skills bring something unique to Arius’ image. Excision, a dubstep mastermind, shared one of Lizz’s famous finger drumming video’s remixing one of his most popular songs, “X Up” featuring Messinian and Lizz responded saying that she was so happy she started crying.

“Our goal as a pair from day one has been originality. We want to be different. Anyone can download a hot festival playlist to DJ but not anybody can go on stage and bring what we bring as Arius.” You won’t want to miss these two coming up this month at Global Dance Festival to witness some finger drumming and their connection in the flesh and through the speakers.

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