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Bijou Releases “Lockdown” Amidst Busy Tour Schedule

About halfway through his Guru tour, Bijou has decided to keep up the musical momentum by dropping a brand new G house track on his devoted fanbase. “Lockdown” features his signature blend of hip-hop and house elements and delivers one of the grooviest basslines of the year. The vocal line used throughout the track describes exactly how Bijou takes the culture of the streets and brings it to light in a community of electronic music listeners. This all leads up to the drop which exposes a variety of deep basses that combine to create a vary dirty sequence of noise. As intended by the renowned G house producer, “Lockdown” flows with a hybrid of sounds not commonly placed together. Take a listen below!

Bijou is currently embarking on a nationwide with stops at most of the major U.S. cities.The tour is named after his latest hit single “Guru” and began at our very own Decadence Arizona New Years celebration where he started off with a bang on the main stage. It is set to end at the upcoming Phoenix Lights festival as Bijou goes B2B with friend and fellow G house superstar Dr. Fresch. Bijou has always treated his Arizona fans exceptionally well with many show appearances and consistent new music. Although you have to wait until April 8th to have him back, at least there is “Lockdown” and his extensive G house discography to hold you over until then.

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