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Malaa’s New Track “Bylina” is Too Good to Be True

You may remember the mysterious Malaa from Decadence this year, and after he killed his set, it just left everyone wanting more. Last week we got it- with a new track he released called “Bylina”.

“Its all about house music.. But I’m here to tell ya, more of what house music means to me.. House music is a healer when you don’t feel good inside… House music is something that keeps you up when you’re feeling down, yes it is and can’t nobody steal your joy on the dance-floor once the music takes over”

This song is really going back to EDM roots and those lyrics. There’s nothing that cures the blues like a dope song that can take me away. The next thing I want to point out is how the lyrics are sung in this track. Malaa mentions music being spiritual in this song and it has a gospel like feel, and then when the classic house beat drops it gets even better.

One of the reasons I love Malaa is because of his G- House style. The melodies and verses sung are gloomy and dark- drawing influence from rap, deep house music, as well trap and heavy bass. The last thing that’s so awesome about this song is the name. The word “Bylina” actually is an epic narrative poem performed orally, coming from Russia!

Listen to Malaa’s new track here:

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Sources: BylinaLyrics

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