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Dat New New: ATLiens – “Alchemy”

By definition, alchemy reads, “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” This definition is quite subjective, and it can invoke in some pretty contradictory explanations. However, in ATLien’s recent track, titled just that, the two take a mysterious twist into a constant mutter of deep and dark tones.

ATLiens – Alchemy (Official Music Video)

Interestingly enough, ATLiens has mentioned their uncontrolled interest in various realities and the underworld, and they portray that connection in their music video for the track.

The character’s colorful cloak portrays some sort of elegance, but it’s beauty is confusing in contrast to the glamorous gemstones being used to play a game of chess. The colors and lights reflected throughout the video make it quite dazzling, but the hidden messages may make you think otherwise.


With seemingly vicious vocals, ATLiens has given their sound significance in the most recent wave of trap artists. “Alchemy” goes beyond noise by demonstrating their relativity in reality, and the music video leaves you with some concepts to crunch on. Give the track a like on SoundCloud here.

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