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DJ to Watch: Elohim

Elohim is a rising electro-pop artist from Los Angeles, who takes anonymity to the next level. Unlike other initially faceless musicians her ambiguous identity is more than just a clever marketing ploy. She’s all about the music, through and through, letting her identity take a back seat. Her name, her face, and even her voice are intentionally hidden from the public. When asked about her ‘secret identity’ Elohim said, “I love being able to put my art out for the world to enjoy, and I can focus on my music and my sounds without fearing that my appearance would skew the experience. Some people see it as hiding away, but for me it truly allows me to open up.”


Elohim is a sacred Hebrew name for God, but to her “Elohim is an ancient word. It has held various meanings throughout history. To me it is love, acceptance, and confidence. It is strength in my art and in myself. It is beauty and spirituality.”

She made her professional debut in 2015 with her hit single “Xanax,” a track about anxiety and vulnerability that she says has helped her connect with fans on a personal level. Her second single “She Talks Too Much,” released that same year, follows a similar theme. Elohim uses her music to tell her own story, letting fans get to know her and not just her looks.

The following year her 10-track self-titled debut album dropped and expanded her reach, which of course comes with more publicity. Dedicated to keeping her anonymity, though, she resorts to using text-to-voice technology in her interviews and on her tracks.

Most recently she teams up with Whethan on the single “Sleepy Eyes” which has seen over 1.5 million plays since it’s release last month. “The future is looking bright,” said Elohim, “I hope to always surprise. I am always creating. Art to me is about evolution. I plan on putting out a full body of work soon. I will play more live shows and keep sharing my love and art. I hope to keep taking people on special journeys.”

You can catch Elohim opening for Alison Wonderland (Girl power!) on October 10th. Grab your tickets here.

Source: NYLON

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