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5 Said The Sky Tracks To Get You Pumped for Global 2017

Global AZ 2017 is just at our heels as we prepare to let loose with a slew of artists known for their legendary electronic club and party vibes. Today, we are going to be looking at five monster tracks from Said The Sky‘s catalog to get you pumped for Global 2017.

5. “Espy”

Said The Sky – Espy

“Espy” is a perfect introduction to the controlled natural chaos Said The Sky’s music can embody. Released as a 2015 single (and one of the few that year not to include a vocalist), this non-album single is a testament to Said The Sky’s power of crafting an individual-yet-danceable track with no influence from any outside artist. This track is great for anyone looking for organic sounds with jarring riffs and infectious melodies.

4. “Ares”

Said The Sky – Ares

Said The Sky’s love of the piano is evident on this track as this second instrumental track combines a haunting melody with trap elements in one unholy union. This time, some of the organic noises we’ve heard in his other tracks have decreased to more industrial, yet still ethereal noises that permeate the soul. With a climactic sci-fi build-up and an unconventionally hard-hitting soft drop, Ares offers the trap fan something out of the ordinary.

3. Owl City – “Fireflies” (Said The Sky Remix)

Owl City – Fireflies (Said The Sky Remix) 

Although many have come to despise the original track as childish, Said The Sky’s remix of Fireflies brings the 2009 sugary-pop hit into modern times by converting the former’s chime-riffs into a more mature piano line. He may retain Adam Young‘s post-emo pop vocals, but Said The Sky pumps a little energy into the track by combining the pop elements with his own undeniable sound. With a background beat not included on the original, the simplicity of the track is icing on the cake.

2. Illenium & Said The Sky – “Falling In” feat. Mimi Page 

Illenium & Said The Sky – Falling In ft. Mimi Page

In order to appreciate the new material we might be hearing at his Global 2017 set, sometimes we have to take a trip to the past. Falling In was Said The Sky’s debut lead single crafted with Illenium and definitely displays how far both artists have come in such a short time. Similar to his recent work, Said The Sky had always possessed the knack for creating pieces of work that are effectively subtle, yet in-your-face. With Mimi Page’s melodic vocals guiding the vibe of the track, “Falling In” shows us Said The Sky can definitely play well with others.

1. Said The Sky w/ Seven Lions & Illenium – “Rush Over Me” Feat. HALIENE

Seven Lions x Illenium x Said The Sky – Rush Over Me (feat. HALIENE)

How could we not feature another recent blast-to-the-past, which also happened to peak at number 50 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #35 on the Digital Hot 100 charts? “Rush Over Me” is a monster of a track that blasted its way into 2016 with a bang. With an all-star lineup, there isn’t one thing negative you can say about it unless you include people playing it too much. From a combination of HALIENE’s vocals paired with the chops of three heavyweights behind the boards, this trance-house-club banger should have hit a higher placing on the Billboard charts. “Rush Over Me” is the perfect last addition to your pre-Global 2017 playlist which rounds out this pretty hearty yet short collection.

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