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Marcus Santoro Drops Trance-Banger ‘Nova Scotia’

Progressive trance and Aussie native Marcus Santoro is back on the scene with his peculiarly named track, “Novia Scotia.” Santoro’s new track captures his very specific brand of dreamy trance and brings the dance floor back to a world where it all started. Although some local dancefloors have relegated to playing more trap music, Marcus Santoro’s euphoric “Nova Scotia” hits all the right notes with trance fans and newcomers alike who find his music extremely accessible.

Coming from Marcus, we are all very aware of his multi-genre brand that always sprinkles a good amount of house into the mix when putting together a track. While the track does contain ethereal piano riffs and calm moments, “Nova Scotia” is a punch of a track which culminates into some bombastic moments by the two-minute mark.

“I’m so excited to be back on Enhanced with my latest number ‘Nova Scotia,” said Marcus Santoro. “This record was simply inspired from when I was looking at landscapes on the internet and I stumbled across the Canadian province, ‘Nova Scotia’. I thought it was amazing; the view stuck with me the entire time when writing the song.”

“Nova Scotia” is the perfect addition to Santoro’s catalog and any modern trance fan who is looking for a breath of fresh air. You can download and stream the single here.

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