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NGHTMRE and Carmada ‘Embrace’ New Collab

Over the past few years, NGHTMRE has made it clear that he can do no wrong. His new track with Carmada feat. Xavier Dunn is no exception. This is Carmada’s first release since 2015 and it’s safe to say they did not disappoint. Carmada is made up of two members, Drew Carmody (also known as LDRU) and Max Armada (also known as Yahtzel). The two released their EP Realise in 2015 and have been mostly off the grid since. The duo and NGHTMRE are long-time friends and have been working on this song for some time, but it’s well worth the wait.

The track begins with a slower beat than we’re used to from NGHTMRE’s music and leads into Xavier Dunn’s enchanting vocals. As we continue we hear other synthesizers come into play along side the beat and finally building into a crescendo and finally, we’re hit hard with a filthy distorted bass drop. If you’re an OG NGHTMRE fan, you’ll definitely be able to hear a lot of his older style through the sampling he used in this song. It brought me back to all the reasons I started to listen to his music a few years ago and reminded me why I still love it today.

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