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Listen to Apollo’s Debut LP ‘Skydive’

Skydive is the latest banger in the catalog of the Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist, Apollo. This new full-length album is the first LP to come from the chops of Josel Jasper, AKA Apollo. From working in the industry as an event organizer in Toronto and opening for the likes of Hot Chip, Darius, Pomo, and both 2015 and 2016 Vancouver New Year’s Eve, Apollo built his brand from the ground up to the multi-genre music he makes today.

Skydive is a practice in experimentation; Apollo utilized production techniques from not only house, but sci-fi esque elements, trance, and funk. While most artists draw inspiration from specific artists and genres, Apollo presents to us a space-like implosion which somehow developed into a fantastic first-out-of-the-gate LP.

While most artists have to find their sound, tracks like “Arrival” and the title track bring the listener into his electro world. FYE even contains a little bit of Hip-Hop influence mixed in, which could satisfy trap fans just as much as it satisfies trance fans.

For a first-time full-length album, Apollo transcends the industry by not exposing his talent as a way of overconfidence but displays his production in a way that explores unique melodies without any hint of pretension.

Put on your headphones, put on your seatbelt, and prepare yourself for one of the most sobered hallucinogenic tunes out on the market.

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