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Snails and NGHTMRE Release a New Collaboration, and it Bangs!

Vomitstep creator and connoisseur Snails has teamed up with trap and dubstep producer NGHTMRE on a collaboration that is both melodic and hard at the same time, giving us the ultimate listening experience. The duo recently dropped their new song titled “Only Want U,” featuring vocalist Akylla for the heavenly vocals that bring the song to life before the drop comes crashing in. Check out “Only Want U” on SoundCloud below!

Snails is known for his own unique style of dubstep, often called vomitstep. The reason for this name is that he creates such dirty and hard drops that his fans go mad crazy, almost to the point of vomiting, thus creating his own subgenre of music. Snails and NGHTMRE have created a song that has changed the game and will hopefully create a new wave of dubstep destined to destroy our souls (and guts) everytime it’s dropped.

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Connect with NGHTMRE: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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