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Start Your Week with Some New Zhu

Feeling blue returning to work after a long three-day weekend? We’ve got the remedy–Zhu‘s new 4-track EP stardustexhalemarakechdreams. The title captures the essence of each track, brand new (except “Dreams” with Nero, which has been heard around the festival circuit) and ready for listening. Over the past year, his remixes of Migo‘s “Bad and Boujee,” Gorillaz “Andromeda,” and his originals “Intoxicate” and “Nightcrawler,” have kept us groovin’, but we’re excited to see a completed collection of work from the mysterious producer. It’s a captivating journey, so get ready to take a trip:

“Stardust” features minimal, echoing vocal accents that lead to an explosive bassline that plays upon Zhu’s signature midnight-primed house vibe. “Exhale” has brassy drum beats and horns followed by a rolling drop. My personal favorite from the EP is “Chasing Marrakech,” which sounds like something straight out of the 60’s amplified by a hip-hop beat. Last but not least is”Dreams,” a haunting collaboration with NERO that exerts both bass and techno goodness.

Zhu joins a massive Decadence AZ lineup this New Year. Get more info and grab your tickets here.

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