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Who Is Holly and Why Is His Shambhala Mix So Good?

With distorted bass being the sought-after sound of 2017, Portugal producer and DJ, Holly, is sure to have a great year. Holly has been creating beats since he was very young but has just recently started releasing his songs to Soundcloud. From one of his first tracks “I’m In Love” to his most recent release with Wooly Mammoth, “Bruno Mars,” the growth he’s made as an artist is undeniable. What makes Holly stand out so much now is his originality and creativity with his wonky, bass music. According to an interview with Run The Trap, Holly’s main focus is unveiling more of who he is and making new music that he is passionate about. He has made it clear that the most important thing to him is this discovery, not who likes or dislikes his tracks.

This desire to bring out his true identity regardless of fame or popularity may be a key reason why his Shambhala Guest Mix is as crazy good as it is. The mix features everyone’s favorites from RL Grime and Flume, to artists on the come up such as Luca Lush, and Mura Masa. The best thing about this mix is that every drop is unexpected and kept me into it the whole 40 minutes.

If you love this mix as much as I do, be sure to check out his live Shambhala set as well, which is just as killer, if not more.

Connect with Holly: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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