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5 Reasons to Fancy Bleep Bloop

Electronic music is forever changing. What started as simple and straightforward sounds has evolved into an explosion of sub-genres that originated from the typical 16 count beat. Most recently, experimental bass has been hot, and for just that, being an experiment. It tests which low-toned sounds fascinates the human ear. Outer space bass bumpin’ Bleep Bloop is a perfect example of experimental bass, for his contributions to this approach on music are deeply rooted and bizarre. Surely, we can’t get enough, so we’ve laid out 5 reasons that’ll leave you feeling just as fond of him as we are:

1. With Bleep Bloop, Expect the Unexpected – His sound is so unique that everyone’s trying to work with him. For real, throughout his career he’s done collabs with G Jones, Protohype, Nasty Nasty, and plenty more of his bass bros, but he’s only getting started.
2. Experimental. Bass. – That’s right, Bleep Bloop is the king of it. He’ll set your thoughts on fire with the click of a few buttons. Honestly, he’ll probably leave you considering your place in space. Surely, he’s proved that to us with his recent EP, “The Fifth Pupil.”

3. He’s Purely Entertaining – If you haven’t already, check out his socials. On Twitter, he’s always riling people up with expressions of his political opinions, take on the scene, and whatever else he’s feeling opinionated about these days.
4. Live performances – Just when you thought his sound couldn’t go any deeper, wait until you see one of his live performances. Packed with parts from other bass-producing homies of his, he’ll leave you shaking’ in your shoes, quite literally at that.
5. Sick Graphics, Bruh – Honestly though, Bleep Bloop’s artwork is off the chain. Everything is tailored to his character, and I’m not speaking figuratively here. Find his face on hoodies, shirts, and other stuff. Plus, the fifth pupil emblem can be found on his new merch, so start shopping here.

Lucky for us, Bleep Bloop is heading to Shady Park for a headlining performance on Saturday, December 9 with SAYER. Make sure to buy your tickets, join the event page, and accompany us on this empirical experience under the shade.

Connect with Bleep Bloop: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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