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Felix Cartal Releases Abstract Music Video for ‘Hold Tight’

After releasing “Hold Tight” as a pouncing single, the electronic powerhouse Felix Cartal is back with his latest music video, which shines a light on the inner emotion of the track. The music video features the original track paired with a video focused on proper aesthetic and lighting. With exciting abstract angles which focus on the humanity of its subjects, we are treated to a very industrial-looking city scene which highlights a dystopian depravity. The setting may give off dark elements, but all of the actors featured perform gentle movements and come together which highlight the emotional aspects of the song while respecting the video’s artistic concept.

The true magic in this video comes from the director’s decision to highlight a few of the models featured in the video by painting them in what seems to be gray paint. This gray paint allows the models to blend in with their setting and highlight the emotions found with togetherness in a very desolate structure. This video, when paired with “Hold Tight” captures the dramatic emotional vibrations the artist seeks to achieve with his instrumentals and fewer lyrics.

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