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Oolacile Releases ‘Embers’ EP

Earlier this month the riddim lord himself Oolacile, released his latest EP, Embers, on Disciple Records. Embers is the Coloradan’s second release on the label, following his Humanity EP last December. Oolacile’s latest release sees him depart from the glitch-step riddim sound he has pursued in the past, opting for a darker and more ambient sound. With droning growls and those undeniable riddim triplet drum beats, Embers opens the door to an exciting level of filth for both casual EDM consumers, and dedicated riddim kids. Take a gander at the new EP below.

Some of my favorites on this release are Otog, which has been featured in Oolacile’s live sets for almost a year now, and Alduin, which features SampliFire in one of the hardest tracks on the EP. Oolacile has been making strides in the bass scene lately, with a last-minute appearance at this year’s Bassrush Massive Arizona, and a few appearances at Disciple’s LA takeovers. Here’s hoping to see his filthy sounds in the Valley again soon.

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