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RB Beat of the Week: Virtual Self – ‘Eon Break’

On the 25th of October, Porter Robinson broke his Soundcloud silence and resurfaced on our feeds with something new, as someone new. As this is a day that many of us have dreamt, prayed, and cried about, it’s only fitting to highlight this moment in history as RB’s Beat of the Week.

There are few adjectives that appropriately describe the ingenuity and profound affect Porter’s work has in the world, but Eon Break has me utterly speechless. In this song, you can hear Porter revisit his Dance Dance Revolution roots while maintaining the euphoric and futuristic-gammer-core trance style that is only known as the “Porter sound”. It’s a blend that few others have or will ever master. With this track, Virtual Self was born and his mark on the world will be nothing short of transformative. As we all sit on the edge of our seats waiting to hear when the Virtual Self tour commends, “Eon Break” will be the beat of the week, month, and years to come.

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