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Slander & Kayzo Drop First Track Off Collab EP

Los Angeles-based artists Slander and Kayzo have officially partnered for collab the EP Dilapidation Celebration. The group released the first track, “Without You,” featuring Dylan Matthews as the vocalist, on September 29 via Spotify.

Fans waited in anticipation for weeks after they first made the announcement that they would be producing an EP together, and many were surprised to find that the song rings more like heaven trap than the expected harder style. In a way, the release was a shock, but one that leaves you feeling satisfied nonetheless. Take a listen below!

The song is radio-friendly and reminiscent of the emotional vibes transmitted by Slander’s track “Superhuman,” but is mixed with a drop you can’t help but bob your head to. Fans responded to the release on Twitter, one saying “absolutely love the vibes of this”, while another praised the song’s “beautiful ambiance.”


According to Monstercat Wiki, Dilapidation Celebration will feature only two tracks, the second of which has already been named “Holy,” but does not yet have a release date. Will Dilapidation Celebration continue to lean away from Slander and Kayzo’s traditional styles? We’ll have to wait for “Holy” to be sure!

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