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Snow Tha Product: A Strong-Willed Rapper’s Worldview Through Biting Lyrics

Do you need us to “Snow Tha Product?” Meet Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza, AKA Snow Tha Product. Over the last few years, she has solidified herself as a rhyme-spitting, no-nonsense verb slinger who takes no prisoners along the way. Before her landmark show at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff on November 17, and again at Goldrush 2017 we are going to take a look at the historically short-but-pertinent catalog ‘Snow’ has accumulated for herself.

Although we mentioned her catalog is short, it can only be viewed that way at first glance. Just like street rappers of the past and signed artists of the present, Snow only has one full-length LP, but a slew of mixtapes to look back on her progression as an artist. Ten years ago, Snow debuted with Verbal Assault Vol. 1 and the effects on the music industry have never been the same. While some international artists do go between English and their native language, Snow Tha Product seamlessly weaves through both languages in her verses like nobody’s business.

Snow Tha Product – Gimme Sum (2007)

One of the tracks found on her first mixtape follows the trends of early gangsta rap, and her attitude is definitely derived from that era. Although now she follows styles similar to the production style of Future, her roots have clearly not softened along the way.

Snow Tha Product – Waste of Time (Official Music Video)

When listening to one of her newest tracks, “Waste of Time,” it’s obvious her lyrical style has become less about making a reputation, and more about focusing on personal aspects. Letting her shortcomings as a human shine, she takes part in a music video which displays the vulnerability of dating in the 21st century. Through her lyrics, you the walls of her performance tumble down as she divulges into some emotional diatribes.

Both of these musical examples show the true hustle she is bringing to the rap game. Just like the rise of other artists who began on the mixtape circuit, it should be only a matter of time when she claws her way into the mainstream and changes the game forever.

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