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Cuebrick Creates Memorable Tune ‘United’ with The Future Is Mine

Opening with soft vocals and effective production, the goosebump-inducing Cuebrick just dropped his newest single with The Future Is Mine, titled “United.” This brand new single comes from the depths of utter electronic emotion in a world where music can take a steel, metallic, and lifeless tone. With soulful male vocals which riff above a steady marching beat, “United” encourages us all to overcome our differences in the name of the goals we seek to achieve in respect to humanity.

With house elements that predominantly skirt the edge of indie electro-pop, the raw emotion makes the instrumentals seem all too real when backed with the choir-esque vocals floating through the track. Trance fans and fans of more melodic works will definitely jump for joy when putting this track on for the first time. He has only 3 years under his belt but “United” is an addition to a fresh catalog with seeks to make a mark with insightful sounds. Check out Cuebrick & The Future Is Mine’s track, and stay tuned for more emotional pangs from Cuebrick himself.

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