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DJ to Watch: Luude

My infatuation with Luude began far before I ever listened to any of his stuff, when I say his DJ name for this first time I was taken over with this mental image:


Needless to say, it was a great first impression. My first song choice was his remix of  Flume‘s “Free”. Going into it I was skeptical, thinking that no one could successfully rework this track. “Free” isn’t an ordinary song, but it only took 3o seconds for me to be pleasantly proven wrong. This fellow Australian producer was bold enough to not only rework the legendary Flume track, but he even took it one step further and laid his own lyrics over it. I know, it sounds crazy but the contrast from the trappy and deep bass paired with the helium-induced high pitched vocals makes for real work of art. Australia breeds winners.

In the past two years since Christian Benson’s inception into the SoundCloud stream, Luude has created two profiles (Luude 2.0 for remixes), put out 8 original tracks, just yesterday was featured on Too Future for a guest mix, and ultimately made a name for himself as a must-listen future bass artist. This RB DJ to watch is climbing the ranks and definitely someone you should keep your eye on.

Connect with Luude: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 

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