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Drezo and Dustycloud Drop a Dark New Single ‘House’

Over the course of the past year, deep and bass house producer Drezo has been releasing song after song and they all climb the house charts like wildfire. Recently Drezo also dropped a remix he did for NAS, “Made You Look” as well as his own EP, Jaded. Now Drezo is back and collaborating with deep house producer Dustycloud. They’ve just released their new single, “House.” Check it out below!

The track contains elements that are obviously influenced from Drezo but Dustycloud brings in his signature samples and house elements that make this song so unique. The song starts off with a dark 4×4 drum beat and eerie sound that builds into a banger that takes you on a journey through the abyss.

While normal festival culture is perforated with trap and dubstep, it is refreshing to see a producer stick to his roots and cultivate his skills in a way that continues to bring us fresh beats and sounds. House is back on the rise in festivals with more producers like Tchami, Malaa, and Drezo bringing us the classic beats that helped shape the industry.

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