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Four Color Zack Releases Grimy New Track, ‘Straight to the Point’

His DJ name, Four Color Zack, may be a head-scratcher, but that’s where the confusion ends. With one listen it is crystal clear what makes people drawn to his sets and why he holds the 2012 world cup for the RedBull The3stlye Djing competition. He can tweak any genre to flow in his sets and his songs are one of a kind. He creates the kind of music that turns grime into an art form.

About 2 years ago Four Color Zack and DJ Craze teamed up to create a new alias that has shaken up the electronic scene. Call it controversial or call it the truth, but 2cents take a different approach than most when it comes to their mixes and music. They take their bumping trap beats and use them as a vehicle to deliver important yet unsavory content. Zack described they work best when saying,

“Our mission has always been, whether solo or as a group, to make something that’s going to last longer than what the industry is mostly made up of. It’s so easy these days to make a mixtape that will be forgotten by the time its even over, and I think we both care so much about what it is that we’re doing, we just drive ourselves to always make something that actually matters – even if it only matters to us. It needs to be more than what everyone else is doing because that’s how we are raised in this culture. Strive to be the best, strive to put out stuff with substance. DJing has the ability to be so much more than just a guy at a party telling you to put your hands up.” 

It’s not every day we encounter an artist like this. Four Color Zack and DJ Craze are definitely doing something different. Today the two released a widely filthy tracked called “Straight to the Point” that will have you getting up and heading straight to the dance floor. It’s everything you could want on a trap track. We’re bringing out Four Color Zack this Saturday at Salt so you can listen to it live, grab your tickets here.

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