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Hotel Garuda Releases New Single ‘Dancing on the Moon’

Hotel Garuda, comprised of Chris Gavino (Manila Killa) and Aseem Mangaokar (Candle Weather), have been killing the game with their funky beats. The two actually grew up together in Indonesia, but went their separate ways in high school. In 2013, the two reunited because of their love of dance music and thus began Hotel Garuda. Over the past few years, HG has released tracks that differ from a lot of the music that’s on the scene. Their signature sound of playful house is hard to beat.

Their latest release, “Dancing on the Moon,” continues their winning streak.


The track begins slowly and softly with Lemaitre’s alluring vocals taking us away. It begins to build with that wonderful house beat we can always count on from the dup. The song takes off with a chorus full of synths and bass guitar that give off a very 70’s disco vibe. This is the perfect tune to make you get up and boogie. I can’t wait to see what Hotel Garuda does next

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