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Joe Ghost Changes Directions with ‘Believe In You’ feat. Joee De Simone

Joe Ghost, one of our friendly neighbor Canadian DJs, recently debuted his newest ethereal single released on Dim Mak.  Known for his eclectic creation of genreless beats and riffs, “Believe In You,” featuring Joee De Simone on Thrive Records, is the new standard for artists who want to stay on the cutting edge of melodic electronic. “Believe In You” not only cements Joe’s effort in branching out but seems to be the beginning of an exciting trend within his catalog. While each culture has a distinct approach to electronic music, Joe Ghost flirts with both European and North American influences which only give the track a stronger foundation for both radio and the club.

 “I felt as though I’d put myself into a conceptual box that only had enough room for one genre. I’ve stepped out of that box and wanted to make the kind of music that I listen to,” said Joe Ghost. “I don’t think my followers will see this coming, which is the part that excites me most!

Joe Ghost certainly isn’t wrong when he references his wish to step out of his “conceptual box.” “Believe In You” is a dreamy departure from his former work, and highlights a comfortable bassline with flanging house synths. Containing progressive vibes, his new single frequently flirts with pop elements and plays off of the friendly sound of Joee De Simone’s vocals. Get their newest track here.

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