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Mija Makes a Big Announcement

I’m scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and all somewhere between a Supreme hoodie giveaway and an advertisement for Halotop ice cream, I’m faced with an intriguing post from Mija that has left me with heart-fluttering excitement.


It’s been five months since Mija dropped her latest collection of singles with the Time Stops EP and the wait for that new new Mija is on its way. What’s exciting is not only are we getting new music, but we’re getting new and “different” music. Since our girl isn’t confined to one genre, because fk a genre, this new collection of tracks could really be anything– how exciting! Sometime in the next 22 days Mija will be dropping new music and you know what that means…you better have your Snapchats ready and open when she takes the stage next week at Goldrush. Grab your tickets here.

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