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Spin it back Saturday: Bart Skils’s ‘Hold Your Horses’

Long long before the EDM world of the subgrenes was created there was techno. 9 years ago the scene looked and sounded entirely differently, but techno was the bassline that has assisted the buildup of all the genres and subgenres we know and love today. Since his inception into the scene over 10 years ago, Bart Skils has stuck to his techno roots in this ever-changing world of music. For this Spin it Back Saturday we are celebrating an OG technoists’s one of Bart Skils’s most beloved track “Hold Your Horses”.

Amsterdam native, Bart Skils, put out this track back in 2011. Six years later, and fans are still commenting on this track and artists alike are mixing it in their sets. A song that can stand the test of time will turn into classics and that’s where we see this techno song headed. This quintessential techno track has all you hope it would; a head bobbin bassline, an engaging progression, and fizzy percussions. When he takes the stage at Goldrush, I and many others will be hoping he drops this one. Get your old school techno on with Bart Skills and Goldrush next weekend, grab your tickets here.

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