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Who is CloZee?

DJ and producer Chloé Herry, who goes by CloZee has a sound like nothing I’ve ever heard. Directly from Toulouse, France, CloZee studies Sound Engineering and has produced mixes and original tracks that can’t be mimicked. Herry has played at numerous festivals all over the world including Lightening In A Bottle, Camp Bisco, and Coachella in just this past year.

Beginning in France in 2012, CloZee has now been touring all over the globe. Through her time studying the soundboard in school, she has discovered how to mix tracks together in a perfectly seamless way. Her understanding of sound design is effortlessly palpable in all of her original music and even in her mixing style. Her music features plenty of instrumentation that contrives sounds from all parts of the globe. In her track, “Koto,” Chloé combines Asian-style music with a modern electronic twist that we all know and love.

This past August, CloZee played at Eclipse Festival in Oregon. Her set came up on my Soundcloud feed and it was one of the most unique and tasteful sets I’ve heard. She filtered in songs that I’ve never heard played in a DJ set before. My personal favorite being “Loud Pipes” by Ratatat that she actually remixed. Many of the tracks were actually her own mixes and remixes, which really impressed me in a mix as quality as this one.

If you’re tired of the same old, same old, and you’re looking for something new and innovative, I highly encourage you to give CloZee a listen. Her knowledge of sound and mixing shows in all that she does, and this kind of raw talent is rare and inspirational.

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