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Mystery Producer Howwler Drops ‘Chapter Two’

It wasn’t too long ago when Howwler made his debut on the scene in completely anonymous fashion. While his identity may still be a secret, the horror-tinged mystery-man himself recently released a new EP titled Chapter Two after the earlier release of his debut EP.

Similar to their first release, Howwler introduces his track “The Vault” with an extremely present wolf-howl to highlight the pandemonium of the track. While the track has a slightly more controlled vibe than his debut work, “The Vault” brings dirty synths and bass to the table to accentuate the simple chord progressions.

After “The Vault” makes its ceremonious close, “One Mode” takes a more aggressive approach reminiscent of foreboding, dark club vibes. While this track definitely possesses more progressive house elements, the dark image presented by Howwler prevails throughout the entire EP.

Howwler crafts his tracks with only the most interesting ways of incorporating basslines. Throughout his work, you’ll frequently hear custom bass guitar riffs which rival the status quo of his contemporaries. Even with his apparent anonymity, Chapter Two of Howwler’s journey shows a penchant for quick artist progression and sickly grooves.

Download the new EP here.

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