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Notaker and Grey MTTR Are ‘Too Smooth’

In the knick of time, Notaker returns for another atmospheric and sonic romp through his new dynamic R&B, house fusion banger, “Too Smooth,” released on Monstercat. “Too Smooth” is not only Notaker’s latest addition to an increasingly diverse catalog, but demands listeners’ attention with its R&B style, courtesy of Grey MTTR. With vocals comparable to a production from The Weeknd, “Too Smooth” pairs itself as an easy power ballad banger inspired by nu-disco.

“Too Smooth” is a departure from the producer’s usual fare. He’s playing with mainstream sensibilities which could hopefully find his next hit on the charts. Last working with We Are Loud and Justin Prime on Armada, Grey MTTR is no-doubt going to be the next “it” voice in the world of electronic music. With the absence of true R&B in modern popular music, a voice like Grey’s begs listeners to come closer to more soulful sounds.

Whatever is next for Notaker can be quite the mystery with his genreless approach, and only time will tell when his next hit arrives at our doorstep. Get “Too Smooth” here.

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