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RB Premiere: PAZ – ‘Pterodactyl Sex’

If you caught PAZ‘s recent set at Decadence Arizona you already know he can throw down. Not just beats, but tacos too. His rambunctious energy is infectious and his hard-hitting, often hilarious in theme songs are irresistible. His latest hit, “Pterodactyl Sex,” (he used a Twitter poll to name this one) is another banger for the collection. It’s out today; check it out below.

It starts with a melodic future build, before finally breaking down into a choppy, fast-paced drop. It’s sure to stun new and old fans alike. PAZ says, “It sounds like two angry pterodactyls trying to fuck in a 2007 Jeep Wrangler with the doors ripped off.” However you want to describe it–we’re fans!

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