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Watch it Wednesday: Illenium – ‘Crawl Outta Love’

Last week Illenium lost his music video V-card with a 4-minute cinematic masterpiece for his 2017 hit “Crawl Outta Love.” As an artist who seems to keep his personal life private, fans are given little insight into who he is when he isn’t performing or producing. I viewed this debut video as an opportunity to get a slight peek into who he is, his creative process, and the inspiration for this track. Press play and watch Illemuim’s debut music video.

Illenium – “Crawl Outta Love (feat. Annika Wells)” – Official Video

In the opening scene, we are met with a girl and a cloaked man who seem indirectly intertwined. The setting is a cross between the forests the film Twilight and a fictional land similar to the Lord of the Rings land. The two characters seem to be on a mission of sorts, possibly searching for the release from heartache? I can’t help but think this video depicts a moment in his own personal romantic relationship. He mentioned in an interview he stated that when he’s not producing music, he spends a lot of time outdoors with his girlfriend and best friends; where Miller noted: “I feel like that keeps me centered.” The video and this sentiment undoubtedly parallel. This video not only is this week’s highlight piece of entertainment, it lends great insight into deeper areas of who the man is behind the decks.

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