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You’re Cordially Invited to A ‘3 Night Stand’ with GTA

GTA has just announced a new show concept that is colorful as it is innovative. Their 3 Night Stand Tour is crafted to reflect the core values that GTA holds: death to genres, good times, and connecting with fans. Beginning February 14th, GTA will be playing 3 shows a night in a given city. Each show will be themed with a color and genre. Yellow shows will focus on moombah, club, and worldwide sounds. Purple will be house and techno, and red will bring the rap, trap and bass vibes. Since the guys will be playing 3 nights in a row in certain locations, they’ll have the time to set up things like production tutorials at music schools, meet and greets at skate shops, their infamous karaoke sing-alongs to System Of A Down, bartend happy hours at bars on campus, and many more events like so in the city that they’re in at the time. We’ve never seen a tour like this before. GTA is out here raising the bar on show concepts.

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Getting a chance to partake in a 3-night stand with GTA is a rare opportunity, and it’s  an even more rare opportunity to see two colors(two shows) on the same night. This is a special treat Phoenix Lights attendees will receive come April 7th. They will play their yellow show on mainstage and then hop over to the RB Deep stage for a Purple Performance. Grab your tickets here and get colorful with GTA.

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