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Don Diablo is Making ‘A Better Future’ with New Tour

Dutch producer/DJ Don Diablo is one of the most popular names in house music right now.  While consistently releasing music during his American tour, like “Everybody’s Something” and “People Say” featuring Paije, Don clearly possesses an impressive work ethic with music that is built on a foundation of a positive message – and his upcoming tour is no different.

Organized as “An initiative to benefit the Dutch Cancer Society,” Don Diablo’s ‘A Better Future Tour’ will be playing his shows for free while all ticket revenue will be donated to KWF, the Dutch Cancer Society.  Ticket buyers will even have the option to donate more than the cost of the ticket, 10 euros, should they wish to donate more to the cause.  By keeping the ticket price low, Diablo hopes this will give more fans an opportunity to attend his show while still being able to make a difference.

Becoming an ambassador of the Dutch Cancer Society after his father passed away from cancer, this tour and its mission is very near and dear to Don Diablo’s heart.  Thanks to the enthusiasm from the venues, fans, and Don’s team, a difference is being made that will spread positivity while fighting cancer to make ‘A Better Future.’

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