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Album Review: tyDi & Christopher Tin – ‘COLLIDE’

Tyson Illingworth, better known as tyDi, has been a non-stop force in the EDM scene for the last 15 years. Graduating with a degree in music and music technology from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Australia, it is no surprise how passionate he is. Boasting five full-length albums and many singles and remixes, his newest album is nothing shy of fantastic. He teamed up with Christopher Tin, a two-time Grammy Award winning composer, to create the 12-track piece titled Collide.

tyDi and Christopher Tin really outdo themselves on this album with beautiful intros. A few songs really stood out in this album, though. The first one was “Did You Know.”  “Did You Know?” With an intro that sets the listener up for a seemingly quiet track, the song surprises you by dropping a powerful stream of effects. The song is a web of entangled vocals and perfect harmony.

The next song that quickly became one of my favorites was “Gold Blooded.” Aside from having a clever song-title, “Gold Blooded” is extremely majestic. In a medieval fashion almost, the song begins with an intro that creates a sense of pride. The lyrics sing, “we are gold-blooded,” giving the listener the power to feel like they can conquer whatever problems they encounter. This song is one of my favorites on the album. When I listened to it, it gave me a sense of confidence that I truly loved.

“Tell Me” has a wonderful introduction. It feels like a movie. The emotion behind the orchestra is evident throughout the first minute:30 of the song. Transitioning into a more electric sounding song about two-minutes in, this song is one that has many different layers to it. The vocals really pay homage to the style that tyDi and Christopher Tin were going after with the album.

Musicians often put their entire heart into an album. This is felt on “You Don’t Love Me.” This track is one that really takes you through an emotional journey. A haunting intro with questionable sounds and lyrics really give the listener a sense of how this song was created. With lyrics like “it’s obvious and clear who cares the most,” this song hits you straight in the heart.

The entire album is truly gorgeous. I had such a wonderful time listening to each one of these songs. tyDi and Christopher Tin really worked hard to craft an album that was as complex and captivating as Collide is.

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