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Delta Heavy Gets Heavier on ‘Gravity’

Have you ever felt like the music you were listening to put you on a rocket ship and blasted you into outer space? Well, let’s take it a step further. Have you ever felt like a song perfectly captures that feeling and could also be played during an actual blast off and fit the tone perfectly? That’s what drum and bass is to me. Delta Heavy, the UK duo consisting of Ben Hall and Simon James, has created a perfect example of this with the most fitting title, “Gravity.” Check it out below.

You felt it, right? Gravity holds you down, but once it’s gone you shoot into space, and that’s what you experience with this song. The beginning of this track reminds me of a high-intensity Stranger Things theme song. A deep, ominous voice proclaims, “The help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves,” then the bass hits and the rocket ship of a melody really takes off. This track is a blend of alien synths, heavy bass, and intense drums to create a classic drum and bass song with a space-age twist. Hopefully, we can expect stranger things from Delta Heavy in the future.

Ready to blast off? Delta Heavy hits Monarch Theatre on Saturday, June 30th! Grab tickets here.

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