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Watch it Wednesday: ZHU & Karnaval Blues – ‘Still Want You’

When we press play on a ZHU track, we are looking to enter a realm of escapement with moody tones and relaxing melodies. His latest EP, Ringos Dessert Pt. 1, delivers just that in 5 brand new songs that go bump in the night. Track 2 off the EP is a brooding serenade, co-produced with British artist, Karnaval Blues. “Still Want You” embodies all the elements you know and love about a ZHU zapper, especially when it comes to the music video.

In the opening scene, we are introduced to a mysterious heroine who is equally distressed as she is beautiful. Playing up the dramatic plot, she is confined to a glass box that is quickly being filled with sand. Somewhere between a bad break up and the finale of a morbid magic trick, ZHU immerges with a sledgehammer- shattering the glass and creating a happy ending to the story. Bringing poetic interpretation to the song, the music video for “Still Want You” ends up depicting a tale of tortured love and forgiveness. Check it out below.

ZHU, Karnaval Blues – Still Want U (Music Video)

In correlation with this epic EP, ZHU announced ‘DUNE’, a fall tour throughout the U.S. Kicking off on September 7th, ZHU is taking his cloaked character to 21 cities, two of them being Arizona. He’ll be stopping at the Van Buren in Phoenix on September 16, and then at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson on October 23. We hope to see you there.

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