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Desert Hearts Takeover Turns Goldrush into a Family Affair

House heads and techno-snobs, rejoice! Not only will this year’s Goldrush Festival (September 29th & 30th) have an RBDeep stage specifically designated to house and techno music, Desert Hearts will be doing a full takeover! You may know Desert Hearts as the unique festival where attendees immerse themselves in love and spiritual transformation, but it’s more than that. It’s a record label that hosts some of the most innovative in the tech-house industry, and more importantly, a family.

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Desert Hearts began as an intimate party of 200 founded by Mikey LionLee ReynoldsPorkyMarbs, and Kristoff McKay–the first four of which will be headlining the Desert Hearts Takeover. The “darling of the West Coast house and techno scene” is a festival with the mantra “House, Techno and Love.” While the music is significant to their prevalence, it is certainly the sense of community and love flowing through the Desert Hearts family that fuels its growth.

The parents who have nurtured Desert Hearts to the potential it’s reached today are why this is all possible. The musical renegades, who also happen to be our Desert Hearts Takeover headliners, crossed paths in San Diego through their love of surfing and skateboarding. Each founder in the family brings something precious and necessary to Desert Hearts, and it makes a set from any one of them special and beautiful. I feel honored that those who have worked so hard to manifest their dream into a reality will soon be playing on their very own stage at Goldrush. Plus, they all happen to be exceptionally talented house producers with boppin’ tracks. Will I see you there?

Desert Hearts takes on new meaning when they visit us here in the Wild West for Goldrush. Catch Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porky this September; get your tickets here.

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