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3 Liquid Stranger Tracks to Melt Your Mind

Martin Stääf, better known by his perfectly suited name Liquid Stranger, is a pioneer when it comes to eclectic bass music. His music is so deliciously bizarre, in fact, that when he first started making music his mother said, “Martin, that music makes me feel like I’m getting boiled alive by a primitive headhunter tribe in the Amazon.” Same, Mrs. Stääf, same. Searching for good, unique bass music is a lot like digging for gold–you have to go through a lot of the same dirt before you find something good, but look no further because any Liquid Stranger track is like striking gold. These next three tracks, however, are 24 karats.

1. Kai Wachi – “Demons” (Liquid Stranger Remix)

Liquid Stranger gives this already creepy track his signature liquid touch – you can almost feel the bass dripping down your spine. This is a nice psychedelic track to familiarize yourself with Liquid Stranger’s trippy sound production.

2. “Spaceboss”

The track that brought Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus to their well-deserved recognition. The drop to this track is freaky. Save your headbanging for another track; moving your body in absurd wiggly motions is more suited here.

3. “Can’t Stop”

Liquid Stranger blends his trip-ass sound with some funky trap with this slower tempo track. It’s a nice example of Stääf’s abilities to stir his talents in different genres together.

Getting cozy with Liquid Stranger yet? Now you’re ready for the live experience. Get weird in the wild west with Liquid Stranger at Goldrush on September 29 & 30 and buy your tickets here.

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