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BONNIE X CLYDE’s ‘While We’re Young’ Could Be the EP of the Summer

The perfect summer vibe music has to be a delicate balance of carefree and fun while also inspiring a future beyond the summer. BONNIE X CLYDE have effortlessly created this with their sophomore EP, While We’re Young. Tracks like are quickly becoming the anthem for this summer, with “The Unknown” and “Do It All Over” racking up over a million plays. “While We’re Young” is a particularly nostalgic song; BONNIE X CLYDE created it to remind their fans to believe in themselves and to work hard, but also to never forget to have fun along the way. With a message that encourages us to cherish our fleeting youth, this EP is obviously an instant staple for the summer.

BONNIE X CLYDE, the DJ/producer/vocalist partners in crime, have been taking no prisoners on their rise to fame. Their debut EP cleverly titled WANTED captured the hearts and minds of millions. The lead single “Bass Jam” throttled the charts at #1 for a whopping seven weeks in a row on Sirius XM. Recently, BONNIE X CLYDE took their success to the streets, taking on a rigorous touring schedule both nationally and internationally.

BONNIE X CLYDE aren’t holding back this year. Their fan base “The Rosegang” has grown exponentially worldwide as they continue to reach new audiences with their talent. Spotify and Apple Music declared BONNIE X CLYDE an act to look out for in 2018 and the duo landed themselves in the Fresh Electronic playlist on Spotify & in several other premiere music playlists including Crate Diggers, New Music Friday, Best of the Week & A-List Dance.

To add to their youth-reminiscent EP, BONNIE X CLYDE have said, “We only have one life to live. You can’t let anything or anyone hold you back from what you love. You can’t forget to have fun no matter what age you are. Living out your passions and accomplishing your dreams isn’t always easy, but in the end, it is always worth it.” YOLO.

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