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Kandy Puts a Sweet Spin on Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’

The man behind the candy-coated moniker Kandy, Kevin Shuppel, has a new remix that brings all the ravers to the yard (and makes them dance). The early 2000’s classic is now a ramped up electronic banger that keeps the iconic voice and lyrics intact while completely changing the beat biology of the original. What was once a pop hip/hop crossover is now a jacked up bpm bumper, chalked full of bassy drum kicks and percussion sequences that pus the shake back in milkshake. Check it out below.

Just four months ago, Kandy was first featured with us as our fructose-filled DJ to Watch in excitement for his Relentless Beats debut at Phoenix Lights. Since, he has taken his music to the Circuit Grounds at EDC, taken over Diplos Revolution radio show, and has rightfully used his platform to spread sweet positivity and support for the LBGT community for Pride month. Now we are very excited to have him coming back to the second annual Goldrush Music Festival. Arizona, I hope you’re ready for a sugar rush because KANDY is bringing his sweet ass back on. Grab your tickets before they sell out.

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