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Midnight Tyrannosaurus Presents ‘The Underworld’

Midnight Tyrannosaurus is known for his dark and dirty space bass type dubstep. His latest EP, The Underworld, just dropped recently and does not disappoint. This 20-minute adventure contains 5 tracks: “The Journey Begins,” “The Poisoned Mind,” “The Maze,” “The Shimmer,” and “The Replicant.” Check out the EP on Midnight T’s SoundCloud below!

This EP is a strange journey that takes you down to the ‘underworld’ and guides you on a dark dubstep passage. My favorite track is “The Shimmer.” It’s a dark and heavy song that contains wobbly bass synths that make me bob and weave. The synth and bass growl sound design follow along with Midnight T’s name, as they contain a Jurassic Park dinosaur feel if the park was deep in the depths of the underworld and the dinosaurs were raised from the dead. Midnight T has really raised the bar with this latest collection of work.

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