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Modestep Teams up with Barely Alive & Virtual Riot on New Single

Barely Alive and Virtual Riot are the dynamic dubstep duo when it comes to collaborations and b2bs. Recently they’ve produced another track “By My Side,” but here’s the cherry on top: Modestep is in on the bass bomb they’ve just dropped. Does it sound like all of these bass lords on one track might be too heavy? Fear not. “By My Side” is surprisingly light and melodic, but still worthy of some quality headbanging. It’s found a home on Disciple Alliance Vol. 4 among other heavyweight dub masters.

The beginning is filled with high-pitched, almost ethereal synths and delicate vocals. While this sounds like a description for a future bass feelsy track, the bass in this song speaks to their dubstep roots. The buildup is where Modestep, Barely Alive and Virtual Riot marry their talents together. The bass and funky synths weigh in hard, but there’s something about it that’s also airy and keeps everything buoyant and prevents it from being too nasty.

If you want to hear this track live, you’re in luck! We’ve got

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