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Slander Slows Things Down with ‘So Long’

Slander has become known and sought after worldwide for their unrelenting and intoxicating bass and a special kind of energy that transcends greatness. With their latest release “So Long” they turn the dial down on the ground shaking bass-injected rhythms and play around with the higher octaves. While Slander would be labeled a “hard” duo they have no problem balancing the bass with the beautifully delicate. Tracks like “Love Again” and “Superhuman” give the crowd not only a break from the head banging but it taps into those warm fuzzy feelings that make their set unlike anyone else in their genre.

Differing from anything they’ve done before, “So Long” isn’t all about romantic love between two people, it’s more so about something better–self-love. Riddled with empowerment and honesty, Slander once again says the words we need to hear. Check it out below.

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