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Watch it Wednesday: Deadmau5 – ‘Monophobia’ (Feat. Rob Swire)

Just last month we shared that a salacious collab was in the works between “Ghosts N’ Stuff” creators, Deadmau5 and Knife Party’s Rob Swire. Today we are not only celebrating the sweet release of the epic track but the outrageous video that accompanies it.

We really didn’t think such an excellent song could get much better, but we’ve got to give it to Deadmau5, the video is a masterpiece. Released on Deadmau5’s latest EP Mau5ville: Level 1, Monophobia is just the beginning. Check out this trip of a video as today’s Watch it Wednesday.

Deadmau5- Monophobia  (Feat. Rob Swire) [Offical Video]

“Monophobia” may be the fear of being alone, but after this video, we have Mau5phobia–the fear of what’s going on inside Joel Zimmerman’s head. This music video throws you into a digitized fantasy land that is creepily cool. If Candyland, Minecraft, the Sims, and Tim Burton got together for a wild night this video would be the outcome. Keeping a thread of reality Zimmerman showcases an exact replica of his own home.

Catch him at Goldrush this year and experience Monophobia. Don’t miss this one, grab your tickets here.

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