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Borgore Stampedes Into Big Room with ‘Elefante’

Beloved for his bad boy persona and neck-breaking beats, Asaf Borgore runs the dubstep game as the industry’s “Daddy” (Twitter’s words not mine).  Just released on the heels of a surprisingly piano-based EP Adventures in Time, Borgore just dropped a new single that has him shelving dubstep and tapping into yet another genre. His latest single “Elephante” is awesome simply put. It’s high energy bombastic Big Room with a splash of grime–only something Borgore could pull off.

It starts out slow with a gradual rise in layered beats, you know the drill. With a deep sample vocal calling out the song of the title it instantly breaks into a full-bodied big room beat that will have you jumping up and down. Borgore is really showing his diversity with this one. Check it out.

Just six months ago we were raving about him for his naughty track “Coco Puffs.” With its filthy vibe and X-rated innuendos we thought we had seen his best of the year. Now seeing something like this come down the Soundcloud stream we are praising him for trying something new and killing it. Stunts like his remind us why he’s one of the best and his 3.5 million followers and fans seem to agree.

Looking forward to our fall shows we are beyond excited to have him come out for a solo show THRICE in Tempe, Tucson, and Flagstaff. Dad’s coming home- grab your tickets before they sell out!

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