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CamelPhat Have ‘The Solution’ to House Music

British DJ duo CamelPhat, composed of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, is one of my favorite DJ duos, and they should be yours, too. Tracks like “Cola” and “Make ‘Em Dance” have brought them much attention as of late, but their discography goes back many years. Their latest EP is quite literally “The Solution” to all your music-lovin’ problems.

Their second EP released this year, The Solution contains two tracks. The title track and “DMT.” The former suddenly erupts from a calm house beat with a frenzied sample from some sort of aggressive motivational speech that proclaims, “The time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you are going to be the problem, or whether you are going to be the solution. You must choose, brothers, you must choose.” This sample puts a break in the usual monotony that I usually experience in deep house music, which is why I love CamelPhat so much. “DMT” has a slightly faster tempo to hold the attention of anyone who doubts the greatness of house music. A creepy, indistinguishable echo at the beginning, followed by a deep and distorted voice create quite an experience for the listener. Is this what a DMT trip is like? Either way, full praise to CamelPhat for imitating one through music alone.

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