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Get to Know The Glitch Mob With These Three Songs

While The Glitch Mob has a long standing in the dance community, it’s quite possible to have briefly dozed off on them during their short hiatus in recent months. They resurfaced earlier this year, however, in full force and with full intentions of awakening the world as they launched their latest album See Without Eyes and embarked on a world tour.

Consisting of Boreta (Justin Boreta), edIT (Edward Ma), and Ooah (Josh Mayer), this Los Angeles based electronic music group never fails to deliver a creative blend of sound ranging anywhere from soothing instrumentals to deep, static bass. The group is not recognized solely for their unique musical production but they are also widely known for their remarkable showmanship. Viewers don’t just get the chance to listen but also watch and feel as their senses are taken on a journey through the virtual reality that makes up every performance.

Fortunately for us, Arizona has landed a spot on The Glitch Mobs recently announced Fall 2018 tour so it’s only right to share three personal faves to help prepare you for their upcoming show here in the valley.

“Drive It Like You Stole It”

Although an oldie, there’s no doubting that this track is a goodie. With a release dating back to 2010, this track was first featured on the groups Drink the Sea EP amongst other popular singles like “Animus Vox” and “Fortune Days.” It’s safe to say that these songs set the gritty, moody tone that is The Glitch Mob today.


In 2016, The Glitch Mob released a memorable collaborative piece with the widely respected Bassnectar. A paracosm can be defined as a detailed imaginary world created inside one’s mind where the creator of such a world has a complex and deeply felt relationship with his subjective universe. With the creators, in this case being Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob, the pair successfully depicted the sort of other-worldly fantasy they had conjured up during their time spent working together.

“I Could Be Anything”

The Glitch Mob gave fans a little tour preview when they recently released this remix with established artist Rezz as well as their electropop tour-mate Elohim. They were destined for a successful hit as The Glitch Mob and Rezz share that static-bass vibe but the addition of Elohim’s idiosyncratic vocals was just the touch they needed for the track to flourish.

Fans are given a look inside the brains behind the beats as we watch The Glitch Mobs vision come to life and you can see for yourself as they take on Phoenix alongside the exceptional Elohim at The Van Buren on Thursday, September 27th. Get your tickets here!

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